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Lafayette, Louisiana

(337) 205-2398

Customization for every occasion. Lauren Sibley Brasseaux specializes in custom-made cards, stationery, invitations, announcements, and more! Each Sibley Designs card is watercolor painted, then printed onto quality paper.


The Story

How it all began...

I was always taught to have goals and find ways to reach them. I have also always loved to create. 

My name is Lauren Sibley Brasseaux and in the Fall of 2014, I created Sibley Designs. I've had an inkling to start my own business ever since I graduated from Louisiana State University in May 2013. Friends and family know that if you received a hand-made anything from me, it meant you were worth the thought and time it took me to create. These cards were second nature to me, and it wasn't until my move back home to Lafayette, Louisiana in August of 2014 that I found the courage to slowly delve into the entrepreneurial world that I have admired for so long. Now, Sibley Designs has grown to more than I could ever have imagined. Custom paintings, invitations, bridal suites, announcements, wine glasses and much more.

About the cards...

Always a cheerleader at heart, I love to support and represent my alma maters and my sorority, and I can only assume that everyone else does as well! (Go Cougars, go Tigers and AOT). Monograms are a southern staple, greeting cards are an instant smile-maker, and invitations are lifetime keepsakes. Each card, menu, invitation, tag etc. is hand-painted, scanned and printed onto quality paper. If you can't seem to find what you're looking for, it is no problem! Let's Create. 

A special thanks to...

My parents, Shelley and Bryan Sibley, my husband, Trent Brasseaux and Courtenay Mendell for supporting me and helping me see Sibley Designs through. And thank you to all of my friends and family for always giving me advice, laughing at my jokes and giving me the confidence to be myself. 


about the paintings...

As a Lafayette native, I love using the inspiration I see every day. Even when I go on a run around the neighborhood, I am snapping pictures of things I see that might turn into paintings later on. Maintaining that connection to my hometown is important to me because this community has supported me from the beginning. I paint things that make me happy. Flowers have always, always made me happy, so I naturally gravitate towards nature, whether it is a detailed study or scenery. I tend to obsess over the details of a piece. I am a very realistic artist, and I try to find the beauty of detail in the simplest of things. 

Request a commission for a portrait (pet or human), a house, a building, anything that is special to you, or see what inspires me to create my own paintings at!

Lauren and her husband, Trent, at the 2016 Big Easel.

Lauren and her husband, Trent, at the 2016 Big Easel.

Lauren's first Big Easel show in 2015.

Lauren's first Big Easel show in 2015.

The Big Easel

The Big Easel Art Festival is a gathering of 60+ artists in Lafayette, Louisiana. I first participated in April 2015, and it was a great success! At the March 2017 Big Easel Preview Show, I was awarded Best Work on Paper. Above is that winning piece. 

Lauren's 2017 The Big Easel "Best Work on Paper."

Lauren's 2017 The Big Easel "Best Work on Paper."