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Lafayette, Louisiana

(337) 205-2398

Customization for every occasion. Lauren Sibley Brasseaux specializes in custom-made cards, stationery, invitations, announcements, and more! Each Sibley Designs card is watercolor painted, then printed onto quality paper.






Acadiana ProfilE MAGAZINE - Les artistes: Don't Worry, Paint Happy

From the October / November 2018 issue.

“Creating from a positive place, Lafayette artist Lauren Sibley Brasseaux found her niche by capturing what she knows and loves”

“…she more than makes up for with her signature style – whimsical yet realistic, she’s been told – and a rare ability to cause observers to re-examine what they see in their everyday, and view it again, for the first time.” Read the entire article by Will Kalec.


Acadiana Profile

"This year, The Big Easel will showcase artists of various media, including paintings, jewelry, ceramics, photography, glass and wood. One artist is Lauren Sibley Brasseaux, of Lafayette.The lifelong artist has created watercolor and acrylic paintings under the moniker Sibley Designs since 2014." Read the entire blog post by Ashley Hinson.


Frites and Deets

"From a young age, Lauren knew she would grow up to be an artist. With the only art training she had being high school art classes, she has had to learn to be unafraid of experimenting with new mediums and teaching herself techniques. After graduating from LSU in Advertising, with minors in Business and Design, she got right to work for a magazine in Baton Rouge.Lauren knew she wasn’t fulfilling her artistic potential by working for a bigger company, and four years ago decided to leave her job and start @sibleydesigns" Read the entire post by Frites and Deets

Fernewood magazine

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