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Lafayette, Louisiana

(337) 205-2398

Customization for every occasion. Lauren Sibley Brasseaux specializes in custom-made cards, stationery, invitations, announcements, and more! Each Sibley Designs card is watercolor painted, then printed onto quality paper.

Wedding Maps

These wedding maps* are a great keepsake for any couple. Use them for wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, reception displays ... the options are endless!

Please fill out this form in its entirety. The best maps have more photos and information. If you do not fill out a field, it will not be on your map. You will receive an emailed proof in pencil. Once approved, the wedding map will be painted!


Please allow 2-3 weeks for completion.

*These Wedding/Love Maps are Lauren Sibley Brasseaux’s original idea, design, and work. The idea, layout and design is protected under copyright law.

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